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Professor Patrick F Sullivan

Professor in Neuroscience at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,

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LifeGene Neuropsychiatric Working Group

Neuropsychiatric diseases are responsible for an enormous amount of human suffering, disability, and societal cost. These diseases – for example, mood, psychotic, childhood, and substance use disorders – are very common, and a large proportion of Swedish children and adults will be affected with one or more of these disorders at some point in their lives.

Over the past century, there have been considerable efforts worldwide to try to understand the causes of these disorders. Despite all these efforts by many scientific researchers, we do not now have a full understanding of why some people develop these disorders and other do not.

LifeGene is perhaps our best bet for learning more about these disorders and, eventually, making a real difference in reducing the huge burden of these disorders.

The overall goal of the LifeGene Neuropsychiatric group is to establish the best study ever conducted about the etiology of these disorders. Our goal is ambitious – we want to figure out these disorders as completely as possible.

Accomplishing this end requires very large samples of people who have participated before, during, and after one of these diseases develop. We also know that childhood experiences are important risk and protective factors and so we have a particular interest in children.

The LifeGene Neuropsychiatric group’s close goal (1-3 years) is to demonstrate that we can gather high-quality data on very large samples. The intermediate goal (~5 years) is to conduct very large scale studies of people who have already developed these disorders. The long-term goal is to integrate all available information to determine if we can predict who will and will not get these diseases.




















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Professor Patrick F Sullivan

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