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"One import reason for my engagement in the project is my deep interest in international matters. The challenging vision of LifeGene is to fulfill a responsibility to mankind – to fight disease all over the globe," Professor Boel Flodgren, member of the LifeGene Steering committee, says.

Professor Flodgren works as researcher at the Department of Business Law, Lund University, focusing on world trade issues. She was vice-chancellor of Lund University for ten years between 1992 and 2002.

"There are enormous opportunities with LifeGene if you manage to realize our objectives by using all resources, knowledge and infrastructure we have in Sweden. Our strenghths are not only the social and medical registers, but also the very positive attitudes to medical research among the public.

The people working with LifeGene represent a broad spectrum of scientific experiences and angles of approach to the project which is very promising. Today we are discussing a lot of (important) technicalities to get the project going but we do not forget the overall objective – to conquer all kinds of diseases.

I am myself neither a medical scientist nor a technician, but I belive I can add a legal and ethical perspective. Strict rules and ethical standpoints are important. Who does actually own the collected material? Can the patient be sure that no one will earn big money from his or her donations?

The ethical issues increase with the size of the project. LifeGene must be based on a very large population to make specialized studies possible. The researchers must have material enough to study family groups over time, to do interdisciplinary research etc.

There are both threats and opportunities when dealing with so many as 500.000 people in our sample. Experiences from smaller biobanks cannot just be upscaled. Because of that we have a strong focus on ethics in our discussions."









Boel Flodgren Industrivärlden

Boel Flodgren

Professor at Lund University School of Economics and Management, Department of Business Law









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