Looking for unexpected findings

"The most interesting prospect of LifeGene is unexpected findings – i.e. research results that are impossible to anticipate before the project has continued for some time," Dr Jane Costello says. Dr Costello is a member of the Neuropsychiatry working group.

"It is important to design a study that is both broad-based and longitudinal. In this respect LifeGene offers great opportunities. Another big advantage is the broad range of Swedish health and population registers.

I am pleasantly surprised and impressed by the truly international group working in the LifeGene project. And also by what Sweden can offer – an engaged population, leading science, funding opportunities and political will.

Developmental epidemiology can cover the life span, but my own work concentrates on childhood and adolescence. I study change and continuity in psychiatric disorders, in the context of change and continuity in the risk factors for those disorders."

Jane Costello is Associate Professor at the Center for Developmental Epidemiology, Duke University. The Center brings together researchers from different disciplines in order to advance our understanding of the origins, course and prevention of mental illness across the lifecourse.

"An important application of our work is examining the need for, and use of, mental health services for children. This work sets the study of the mental health care system for children and adolescents within a conceptual framework which permits use of estimate unmet needs as well as identifying appropriate areas for preventive interventions."

Dr Costello is currently directing the eighth annual wave of data collection for the Great Smoky Mountains Study, a longitudinal study of the development of psychiatric and substance abuse disorders and access to mental health care in a representative sample of 1.400 children and adolescents living in the southeastern Appalachian mountains of western North Carolina.





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E Jane Costello

Associate Professor at the Center for Developmental Epidemiology, Duke University

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