Potential of improving quality of Life

"LifeGene has an immense potential of contributing to a better quality of life for millions of people in Sweden and globally," Ingvar Carlsson, former Swedish Prime Minister and now Chairman of LifeGene Steering Committee, says.

"One challenge is to engage 500.000 people living in Sweden in the project. I am sure that it will be relatively easy to convince the citizens to take part in something that really will make a difference for the future.

To succeed it is crucial that our communication about the project is open and distinct and of course we have to communicate our aims very clearly.

If so, the Swedish people will commit themselves to participating in LifeGene by giving samples of blood and other specimens, knowing this will contribute to a better life for their children and grand-children. Swedes are interested in giving such contributions to society.

My own most important role is to be a personal guarantor of the LifeGene project. I would never approve anything in which I am not strongly committed or that is not ethically right," Ingvar Carlsson says.

LifeGene is such a broad-based project that new scientific findings on a detailed level can be expected. The researchers will be able to work within a much broader and deeper scope than ever before. This will obviously lead to more reliable conclusions about relations between health and other variables such as genes, geography, occupation, medical history etc.

"At present we are defining the project, scientific methods, ethical issues and how to finance the project. This huge project will not interfere with traditional research funding as we are going to find other industrial and private financiers.

I believe in LifeGene. Of course there are some questions still to be solved, but we do not foresee anything that cannot be handled.

Considering Sweden’s unique prerequisites – prominent researchers, public health registers, the general education level and IT experience – I am sure LifeGene will be a success and contribute to better health in Sweden and all over the world."




Ingvar Carlsson AiBild Reidar Magnusson

Ingvar Carlsson

Chairman of LifeGene Steering Committee

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